Leeds – the most homophobic fans in England?

For anybody who thinks homophobia isn’t a problem in football or is just “banter”, then a visit to Elland Road on Saturday would have been more than enough to dispel those sorts of thoughts.

There were times when we had to check Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the PM, Princess Di and Prince Charles weren’t happily married, Berlin didn’t have a bloody great wall running through the middle of it or that Nelson Mandela wasn’t locked up such was it like stepping back into the 1980s.

We love a visit to Elland Road. It’s one of those old school grounds that when full is absolutely rocking, 33,000 belting out Marching on Together before the game was fantastic and makes you wish that The Amex was able to do the same with Sussex by the Sea and, as always seems to be the case when we visit, it was an entertaining game with plenty of attacking intent decided by a last minute goal.

Unfortunately, this time it wasn’t the Albion support celebrating a late late winner – although it so nearly could have been were it not for the brilliance of Paddy Kenny. Did that effect the scenes and abuse that were being dished out after the game? Possibly.

Most level headed people accept the fact that songs such as “We can see you holding hands” is banter. It’s no different to going to Cardiff and Swansea and questioning their relationship with sheep in our eyes. But there is a line when banter isn’t banter and a small minority of Leeds fans didn’t so much cross it as jump 100 feet over it.

Every club has it’s idiots – the scenes outside the White Hart pub prior to the game from some of our supporters doing their best Danny Dyer impressions in a recreation of something out of Football Factory is evidence of that – but it’s probably fair to say that on Saturday Leeds had far more than most.

After the game when queuing for taxis back into the city centre, there were large groups of fans screaming gay abuse with the terms AIDS and faggots being banded about, getting in peoples faces while grabbing their testicles and shouting obscene personal abuse. Around the station it was just as bad with people going out of their way to come up to Brighton fans and dish out some more discrimination – one particular favourite being “f**king gay see you next Tuesday”. And then, just to top things off, the train home saw a United fan decide to punch an Albion fan in the face and start banging on the window in front of two young girls – who weren’t lesbians. All in front of a very very embarrassed Leeds chairman and his son, no less.

So that is all banter is it? Not for us it isn’t and surely not for any right minded person. If gestures about bumming, genuine prejudice towards homosexuals, screaming and threatening people and abuse about AIDS count as banter, then would it be banter for an opposition fan to go to Elland Road and launch a banana at El Hadji Diuof? Perhaps we should rewrite Nazi history and say the Night of Broken Glass was just a bit of a laugh while we are at it?

It’s no wonder that Robbie Rogers felt he had to retire after announcing he was gay (ironically after leaving Leeds) and we all know there is absolutely sod all the FA will do about it. We like football banter as much as the next fans, but Saturday went well beyond what could be considered acceptable.

A shame really as it did tar what was otherwise a fantastic weekend away. The biggest irony of all of course being that all these Brighton fans who were getting abused for being gay had left the city on Pride weekend, while Leeds held it’s own Pride parade on Sunday – we’re sure some of the prejudiced locals would have loved that!

We received a lot of Tweets from Leeds fans over the weekend with some very charming comments – and here are some of the best. Remember, it’s just banter.




Homophobia in football – not a problem is it?

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18 Responses to “Leeds – the most homophobic fans in England?”

  1. I think you mean Robbie Rogers, not Brady. And he did receive widespread support from Leeds United fans, in fairness.

    I don't think it's homophobia so much as an easy stereotype fans can use to attack the opposition with. Playing on the perceived wisdom of homosexuals being somehow less of a man than a heterosexual is an easy way to poke fun at opponents in a very laddish environment.

    That said, our support does have some truly world class knobheads unfortunately. That's true of most clubs, of course, but these last few years has seen the rise of Chavvy little youths who've seen one too many football hooliganism film and think they can bring back the 80s. Like Aaron Cawley for example, the clown who thought it was funny to attack Wednesday's goalkeeper. It's embarrassing in this day and age.

  2. I'm assuming you meant Robbie Rogers? Who is playing again, by the way, for LA Galaxy.

    You are correct though, we do have some embarrassing fans, and we can only apologise for the actions of those that drag our club through the mud again and again. Some fans (and this goes for every club in the country) need to realise that "intimidation" has nothing to do with screaming abuse and physically assaulting people, but simply creating an atmosphere that makes it harder for the opposition team to feel comfortable playing their game. One that doesn't need to be based on tired-out, pointlessly offensive stereotypes.

    Enough of the homophobic chants, enough of the Turkey/Galatasaray stuff, let's just watch some football.

  3. Think the title is shocking. Plus a few spelling mistakes and it was Robbie Rogers not Brady. But overall the article is ok, think Leeds is a very intimidating place to go for any fan, lots of reputation there, but i personally can't say i heard any homophobic comments/songs, but i don't doubt that a minority would have. Just like most teams, we all have idiots who know nothing.

  4. as you may notice they are all big and clever behind a computer screen and when they are 100+ strong, im sure it would be a different story as we all know if they were on there own face to face! very very brave boys!!!!!

  5. That last minute goal really hurt didnt it…..

  6. I am a Leeds United fan who watched a thoroughly entertaining game with my 11 year old son, on the way out we saw some Brighton fans and stopped them to almost apologise for nicking the win but praising the football Brighton played, we wished them all the best and shook hands with fellow football supporters

    I am glad you have stated it was a minority of Leeds fans, as this is true and I travel home and away with thousands of Leeds fans and there is little to no trouble whereever we go

    I live in Preston and went to the Carling Cup game tonight, a bloke 3 seats away from me called Tom Ince a f*cking bl*ck c*nt – I turned to him and said "is there any need for that?", he called me a fat b*stard. At the end of the game hundreds piled on to the pitch shouting obscenities at the Blackpool fans, those we were with were embarrassed

    Its a problem all over and self policing, stewards, banning orders and fans sticking up for rival fans will help – please don't tar the good name of Leeds United for the mindless few who embarrass me

    Good luck for the rest of the season I am positive Brighton will be right up there come the business end


  7. I'm a Leeds Fan and I am completely fed up with this "minority". I have attended lots of games at Elland Road with my family over the years and have felt more than embarrassed by what some people think is acceptable to chant at away fans. They would not get away with it if the majority of Leeds fans stood up to them. The irony is that Leeds has one of the liveliest and trouble free Gay quarters in the North of England.
    This "minority" crawl out of their scum hole front door after drinking 10 cans of special brew and smoking 2 joints of weed, not before giving the girlfriend and kids a slap though, they go into a pub on the way to Elland Road but decide they don't have enough benefit money left for a pint so they go to the Off License instead shouting abuse and swearing all the way regardless of whether there are any families about.
    They are a plague not just to Football but to society in general, Football just enables them all to gather in the same place at the same time – a scum concentrate if you like.
    I don't think this is unique to Leeds though, Leeds just happens to have a large population so there are more of them here.
    Leeds is a fantastic City to visit and it is really disappointing that you have spent a lot of time and money getting up here to have your weekend ruined by these (I don't like quoting Ken Bates but maybe he had a point) Morons.

    Please don't just blame the morons though, everyone that accepted this behavior is equally guilty.

    We need a policy of non-tolerance to any behavior of this sort, it worked incredibly well for racism so it should work for homophobia and sexism. perhaps an extension of the "Kick it out" campaign will work.

  8. Fanatics never sleep before a big match like the one on Sat'dee against Hove.
    A lack of sleep and excess alcholic beverage can be blamed for our fans becoming anti-woofter, sadly.
    Apologies from the Chief Fanatic.

  9. Yawn. Who wants sanitised football stadia? Take away the enmity and the game loses something awesome.

  10. Ian does that excuse all the abuse and violence at the station, you don't need screaming abuse for a great atmosphere, rugby shows that.

    Leeds need to be stronger in getting rid of people like this if they wish to grow and be succesful.

  11. So you admit your boys sing about sheep shagging Welshman and that a bunch of your thugs attacked a load of supporters in a pub but then you try and criticise the "fans" who do similar antic but against you?

    Its a bit pot, kettle, black isn't it? And by saying we have "more than most" after you've just attended a game with the highest, grossing crowd of the day is also not the most intelligent.

    Also, what about the songs that all Leeds fans are on benefits? Isn't that just as bad?

    How about this. Rather than saying "your thugs are worse than our thugs", all clubs admit that they still have a very small minority of thugs who spoil it for everyone and that the clubs need to do their best to stop it?

  12. We certainly have an unpleasant minority of idiots at Leeds and I can only apologise on behalf of the majority of decent human beings that makes up our support. One of the positive things about following Leeds in recent years has been that mindless abuse (mostly reserved for Bates)has been largely replaced with gallows humour even when under extreme provocation by the likes of Millwall. Very much looking forward to visiting the AMEX again this season

  13. 60yearssupporting on August 6th, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    Hypocrite what about the sheep shagger chant from the Brightons fan's. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

  14. Captain_Peacock on August 6th, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    I am a life long Leeds United fan with gay friends, a gay brother, and a gay daughter, all of whom know they can depend upon me for support at any time. I strongly resent sweeping allegations such as this. Yes, Leeds United has it's hard core group of homophobes just as every other club has. The fact is that Leeds United is still one of the best supported clubs in England, even after 9 years outside the Premier League, and unfortunately will have a larger group of idiotic supporters pro rata than many other clubs. Are you seriously telling us that there are no homophobes attached to Brighton's support.? Come on. let us have some balanced reporting instead of sweeping generalisations!

  15. I think generally thesedays, our real fans i.e. the diehard 25 000 who've stuck by the club for a decade in League 1 and the Championship our very well behaved…

    The problem arises when we have these one off sell out games like Saturday where all these morons crawl out of the woodwork, jump on the bandwagon and scrape enough of benefits together for their once a year trip to Elland Road.

    Given that it was the first game of the season on Saturday and also at home against Brighton, you can be sure the morons deliberately targeted this game as an opportunity to get stupidly drunk on a sunny day and abuse Brighton fans as much as possible…. (and also perhaps they saw the abuse as revenge for the red card Diouf' received for his goal celebration in the corresponding home defeat against Brighton last season… not sure)

    Anyway, now that these morons have successfully tainted our reputation with yet another club in the football leauge, I can guarantee you that won't see them in Elland Road again this season unless it's Millwall or Man Utd or a game where they can do their best football factory impression, this is how they operate.

    Yet again it's the passionate, decent, loyal and law-abiding Leeds fans who have to take the flak for these morons who only ever turn up and support the team if there's a good enough excuse for a pss up.

    I saw a pack of 5 morons banging on the windows of a car full of Brighton fans giving them constant abuse while they were trying to drive away from the ground after the game, it really soured the post match celebrations for me seeing that and I would've said something and tried to intervene as it was clearly way past the line of good banter, but then they would have inevitably turned on me, and what chance have I got by myself against 5 hench, pssed up morons?….

    Wouldn't be the first time a "fellow Leeds fan" has turned on me either, May 2011 vs Bristol Rovers, league 1 promotion day, 40 000 sell out at Elland Road, drunk morons everywhere, I had some inbred moron sat next to me in the east stand, trying to start a fight with me all the way through the 2nd half, when really he should've been concentrating on the football and enjoying seeing us win promotion, like any other normal fan… once again spoilt what should've been a great occasion.

    Are you seeing the pattern now Brighton fans? Don't judge Leeds because of these day tripper morons, they do not represent the ordinary fans who turn up every week at the "less fashionable" run of the mill championship games.

  16. cap'n birdseye on August 6th, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    You're right Ian, the game would be losing 'something awesome' if the Neanderthals were to stop screaming "I hope you die of AIDS you queer bastard" at fathers walking away from the stadium with their kids. It would be losing 'something awesome' if the morons who attach themselves to football clubs on matchdays were banned and made to do community service for being oxygen thieves. Football would be a much poorer place without the troglodytes who seem to think that the 1970's was a golden age for television when Love Thy Neighbour represented their political views and 'Queer Bashing' was a national pastime don't you think? I hope Twitter gets tough with all of the nasty bastards above and bans their access before reporting them for 'Hate Crimes'. It is 2013 for crying out loud-time idiots like you caught up with most of the rest of humanity.

  17. I have many Leeds United friends, I am a Brighton Fan living in Bradford and one text really got to me after the game (so called friend) from a Mr Andrew Hayes from Bingley, he says he is a Leeds fan but doesn't go, he said Quote "we are all F*cking Queer B*stards" very nice, when I said to him you have crossed the line and he knew I was upset he replied I was only joking, some joke. Small minded bigot comes to mind.,

  18. Hitting someone for being gay is totally wrong… that being said the We are Brighton tweet was always going to get a reaction, intended or not. You called Leeds fans homophobic, racist morons what did you think was going to happen? and if they were the 'best' ones it really wasn't all that bad and I would have thought the first two would fall under the banter category you discussed in the piece (and if you look at the pics they all look like young lads).

    I'm not sure how homophobic chants are racist though? Are gay people a race? If they are a race, where on the planet do all gay people come from? I’d love to go, I bet it’s bright and full of energy 😉 (please don’t burn me at the stake as a homophobe) I have seen gay people of many different colours and creeds… I didn't realise the gay community had got together and decided that they are no longer people of nationality, colour or religion…they were just gay! I'd like to think that people are not defined solely by their sexuality, and if you are you’re probably pretty boring.

    I'd also like to agree with The Scratching Shed's post; in that rather than being the evil homophobic racist morons stated in the piece and some of the comments above, that the fans at Elland Road were using a stereotype in order to get under the skin of opposition fans; which to be fair has obviously worked wonders. Again, obviously, hitting someone and shouting vile abuse in front of small children and families is too far, which didn’t happen at the game (I know because I was there). According to this report it happened at the train station by a handful of fans, which out of over 33 thousand people doesn’t even represent a single % of the fan-base which attended the game. The only chants at the actual game were ‘we can see you holding hands’ and ‘does your boyfriend know you’re here?’ #banter #MOT

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