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Brighton and Hove Albion - Falmer Stadium

New Year, New Stadium

2nd February 2010

Just a quick Falmer update:

I went and had another look last Tuesday (2nd Feb). Things appear to be ticking on quite nicely. Lots of work is being done on the station, to get to the Brighton University site you now have to climb probably the most dangerous set of temporary steps you’ll ever be on! Not sure what they are actually doing with it though – it will be interesting to see how they expand it.

Anyway, to the football ground. Obviously, progress has been a bit slow, as since our last visit the weather has been shocking. Snow, Christmas and pissing rain have delayed things a bit. But there’s been a lot of work done digging out the land where the Uni buildings previously were. Finally, it looks as if work is being done on the foundations of the West Stand. Also, the funny looking South Stand (where the away supporters will be) is at last being added to, and it should resemble a football stand quite soon.

Rumour has it that the arch will be erected at the end of next week so the crane can bugger off to the Olympic Stadium (which was visible from Leyton Tube station at the weekend and looks fantastic). Hopefully we’ll have a few photos of that when it goes up.

For now though, here’s a few images taken from opposite the East Stand – fortunately, one of the blue boards surrounding the site had fallen over, so there was no need for stepladders to get these photos! Sadly though, they’d stood it back up by the end of the day.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this in the next few weeks – it shouldn’t be long before we have something that resembles a stadium!

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