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Brighton and Hove Albion - Falmer Stadium

The Year of the Amex

18th January 2011

Nearly a quarter of a million pounds is now being spent daily up at that tidy little development at Village Way, Falmer as Withdean prepares to host it's last 12 league games . Two weeks into the Year of the Amex, we paid another visit to see how things were coming on as season ticket holders flock to the site to pick their seats for next season. The exterior of the stadium is now all but complete, and you can only see in from the the two southern corners of the stadium. All the terracing is now in place, the perimeter concrete is down and workmen are beavering away on the inside to sort out the concourses.
The north west corner looking towards the University of Sussex The West Stand
The north west corner The back of the West Stand
The South Stand terracing which will be used by away supporters The East Stand
The 1901 part of the East Stand The North Stand

Looking in from the south west corner The West Stand terracing
The West Stand The rear of the South Stand
The East Stand The North stand from the south east corner
The East Stand terracing West Stand arch
East Stand arch A fine place for birds to sit and admire Brighton and Hove. And the NIMBYS said it would ruin wildlife!
The view from the coach park A beautiful sunset over Falmer
To see more and larger images of this visit to Falmer, please check out the photos on our Facebook Group - and why not become a fan while you are there!
The rear of the East Stand from the A27  


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