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facebook group Ultimate Albion Fantasy League 2012/13 - Quarter One Update

We're over a quarter of the way through the football season now and to be brutally honest, we still don't have much of a clue how The Argus' Ultimate Albion Fantasy League works.

Mixing the crème de la crème of Europe with Brighton players in a team seems like the most crazy idea since Martin Hinshelwood got the managers job, but nonetheless 45 of you have braved entry into our mini league - although admittedley the fact that five teams have scored nil points suggests that those managers don't understand it either.

Leading from the front - and a far cry from what the man whom this team is named after has done so far this season - is OleOleOleOleVicente on 554 points. The Stats Say All sit just five points behind while there is a bit of a gap back to third where Seb Seagulls lie on 531. FC Frutos round off the Champions League sports on 511.

At the bottom - well, it's deadlocked between those five team who are all yet to get off the mark - namely Sea Siders, Burgess Hill Seagulls, AlbionUnited, Brighton Ace, dazza XI and Success-By-The-Sea, who perhaps should have been named Unsuccess-By-The-Sea

In terms of how our mini league is doing - well, not very well. We're 33rd out of what must be about 33 teams, so the less said about that the better 

Pos: Team: Points:
1 OleOleOleOleVicente 554
2 The Stats Say All 549
3 Seb Seagulls 531
4 FC Frutos 511
5 Cameroon37 510
6 Barmy army 509
7 Minions United 504
8 5e@gull5 502
9 BrightonFC 498
10 Hans Kraays Barmy Army 486
11 Cheeses of Nazareth 458
12 Beasty Murking Legends!!! 454
13 Annies Aces 451
14 Bambs boys 446
15 Holden the Answer! 445
16 Aldreds Albion Allstars 444
17 luftpost fc 441
18 IFB United 435
19 Amexcellentes 425
20 Moomo 411
21 Leighton Town 399
23 Wear A Suit At Wembley FC 386
24 Monkeynutz II 383
25 Norfolk-in-chance 379
26 Hovequin 360
27 501 Finish 357
28 Kent Seagulls FC 333
29 Seagull Juniors 331
30 Marsho FC 328
31 Ashley Barnes FC 324
32 BrightonBoys 317
33 LucyBealePleaseMarryMe 312
34 Southern Squealers 310
35 Ginger United 304
36 FC Hailsham Hackers 299
37 SuperSpaniards 261
38 The Right Raving Loonys 251
39 Mo-bots 238
40 Sea Siders 0
41 Burgess Hill Seagulls 0
42 AlbionUnited 0
43 Brighton Aces 0
44 dazza XI 0
45 Success-By-The-Sea 0

If you are not yet registered but would like to join the action, then here's what you need to do.

Step One : Sign up via

Step Two:
Pick your team, featuring at least six Albion players and totalling no more than £125m.

Step Three : Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the 'Mini-Leagues' link at the top of the page. On the Mini Leagues page: 1. Select the 'Join a league' option 2. Enter the league name We Are Brighton and the password ffsmurray

We will be reporting on the battle for the Ultimate Albion Fantasy League crown throughout the season

Good Luck everyone!


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