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Stalking Tony Bloom

We're getting good at this Albion related stalking business. You may recall that, on the day he was confirmed as the new Albion boss, the team managed to gatecrash the announcement and become the first fans to get a picture with Gus Poyet. Well, this time we have done it again with chairman Tony Bloom.

Mr Bloom is a man who, so far in his tenure as chairman, has been quite happy to sit in the background. Unlike his predecessor Dick Knight who liked to make speeches on the pitch every other home game, the man known as the Lizard has very rarely been seen in public.

There was great excitement then when news reached us that Mr Bloom was infact going to be attending Wednesday's action of the 2010 Cheltenham Festival, owing to the fact that his horse Little Josh was running in the 2.40.

In attendance at Cheltenham ourselves, come 2.20 we headed over to the parade ring where horses are walked around prior to the race and owners, jockeys and trainers gather. Lo and behold, there was our Tony, sporting what can only be described as an incredibly dashing orange tie.

As luck would have it, we were mooching about outside the entrance to the Grandstand after the second last race when a short man came striding past. Not noticing who it was at first, it was only a high pitched squeaking noise not dissimilar to a whale and the muttered words of "Lizard" came that we realised who it was.

Chasing him down, we were able to find out that he thoroughly enjoyed the previous evenings victory over Brentford and was very pleased with how things are going with Gus at the helm. Unfortunately, Mr Bloom had to turn down our invite to join us for a night on the town due to his attendance at a meal but wished us luck for the remainder of the week before making his way out of the racecourse. 

A thoroughly nice chap, thanks to whom we are going to have a shiny new stadium and a great future as a club no doubt. And a great fashion sense to go with it. Nice one Tony!


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