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Never go back - which players should the Albion re-sign?

Bobby Zamora. Elliott Bennett. David Lopez. Liam Bridcutt. Will Buckley. Paul McShane. Stephen Ward. Craig Noone. Matthew Upson. Dean Cox. Andrea Orlandi. Yaser Kasim.

It seems that just about every single player that Brighton and Hove Albion fans want the club to sign this summer has previously plied their trade for the club. What happened to "never go back"?

So far, Chris Hughton and his recruitment team have avoided going down the old boys route. Maybe they simply aren't aware of what all these players who left the Albion for pastures new can do?

And if that is the case then fear not Mr Hughton, we've done your homework for you. Amid all the clamour to bring back popular faces from the past, here is the list of the definitive 20 that we think could make a real difference in the stripes this season.

Bobby Zamora
Who is he?
Former England international striker who was one of the main reasons behind the Albion's double championships of the early 00s, since when he has carved out a successful career in the Premier League.
Pros: "Zamora 25" merchandise sales will go through the roof. FFP.
Cons: A pretty patchy injury record over the last few seasons.
Stephen Ward
Who is he?
Left back who the Albion pratted around in signing last season in a bid to save 33p on his weekly wages, allowing Burnley to nip in and seal a deal. He won our WAB Player of the Season Award for 2013-14 on loan from Wolves.
Pros: Experienced left back.
Cons: Spent most of last season injured, has a big nose.
Elliott Bennett
Who is he?
Popular winger who was outstanding in the League One title winning side of 2011, rightly earning a move to the Premier League and Norwich City. Returned briefly last year for a month after nearly a year out injured.
Pros: Popular player first time around, return of the Heartbeat song.
Cons: Would cost money.
David Lopez
Who is he?
Spanish bloke named David who was given the original nickname of "Spanish Dave". Brilliant in his first season including scoring a beautiful free kick against Palace, not so good in his second. Recently said he would like to return.
Pros: Club can hold another Spanish Day themed game.
Cons: He wasn't very good in his second season.
Andrea Orlandi
Who is he?
Ridiculously good looking midfielder and the creative star of the 2012-13 side. He recently left Blackpool after their relegation but he was obviously wasted on the beach of a pitch with his silky touch and beautiful face.
Pros: Would instantly double the number of attractive players in the side.
Cons: *Copy and paste line about being injury prone*
Liam Bridcutt
Who is he? Two time Player of the Season for the Albion who followed Gus Poyet to Sunderland where he picked up the slightly less glamorous award of Worst Sunderland Player Ever. Needless to say, he's probably on his way out.
Pros: We know exactly how good he can be.
Cons: Struggles to be in the right frame of mind when he wants a transfer. Prick.
Colin Hawkins
Who is he?
The finest scorer of own goals in Albion history, he had a glorious two seasons at the club between 2008-10 with his finest hour being conceding a penalty and getting sent off 90 seconds after coming on against Stockport.
Pros: TSLR can give away Colin Hawkins masks again.
Cons: We can't score so giving away goals at the other end isn't the best plan.
Craig Noone
Who is he?
Tricky winger who spent a productive 18 months at the club before leaving for Cardiff City where he played Premier League football. He is if you believe the rumours surplus to requirements in the Welsh capital.
Pros: Brilliant at karaoke.
Cons: Constant rehashing of the "I tiled the roof on Stevie G's house" story.
Seb Carole
Who is he?
French winger who played for the Albion in 2005-06. And 2009. And 2010. They say never go back, but they don't say never go back for a fourth time. There must be a reason for that.
Pros: Knows the club from his first spell. And his second. And his third.
Cons: He wasn't any good in his second spell. Or his third come to think of it.
Dean Cox
Who is he?
Diminutive winger who came through the youth team to become a popular player at the club before leaving for Leyton Orient were he has been one of the O's best players over the last five seasons.
Pros: Bought us a Jagerbomb in Savanah, Haywards Heath the other week.
Cons: Hangs around in Savanah using celebrity status to buy Jagerbombs.
Robert Codner
Who is he?
Striker who played for the Albion in the mid 90s and would be brilliant one week, shocking another. This variation in performance may be explained by the time the police allegedly found a lot of cocaine in his car.
Pros: Coke fuelled performances.
Cons: Coke fuelled performances.
Paul McShane
Who is he?
The only man to score a winning goal at Selhurst Park in a generation while on-loan from Manchester United in 2005-06. He has since played with some distinction in the top flight with Sunderland, West Brom and Hull.
Pros: 100% performance guaranteed every week.
Cons: Has already signed for Reading.
Dave Cameron
Who is he?
Bought himself out of the army to sign for Micky Adams in 1999. Fast forward nine months and he was hauled off away at Hull after less than 20 minutes with Alan Cork describing him as "useless" in the post game interviews.
Pros: Has got a face transplant, turned from being Scottish and been elected PM.
Cons: Cork was right, he was bloody useless.
David Beasant
Who is he?
Veteran goalkeeper who became a popular player during a brief spell in 2003. Was once found lying on the floor of a kebab shop in West Street at 3am with a can of beer and a cigarette after a Tuesday night 0-0 draw with Palace.
Pros: Upturn in trade for the neglected Brighton pub scene.
Cons: Is now 56. Despite which, he was on the bench for Stevenage last season.
Yaser Kasim
Who is he? Iraqi midfielder we sold to Swindon. Sami Hyypia asked the club to enquire about him after our Capital One Cup meeting last season, only to be told rather embarrassingly we were the ones who sold him to the Robins.
Pros: Young player with potential to get even better.
Cons: Bit embarrassing after we basically said he wasn't good enough.
Michael Mahoney-Johnson
Who is he?
Had a brief loan spell from Queens Park Rangers in the memorable 1997-98 season. Wikipedia lists him as "one of the worst QPR players ever" and "one of the worst Brighton players ever". He now works at Heathrow Airport.
Pros: Contacts at Heathrow could mean cheap flights for the club.
Cons: Everything that doesn't involve cheap flights.
Warren Aspinall
Who is he?
Midfielder who ended his career with the Albion through injury less than a season after arriving from Colchester United. Can now be heard struggling to pronounce names during BBC Sussex's match day coverage.
Pros: His lack of pace always made us feel like we could be pros.
Cons: Radio commentary would lose around 33% of it's entertainment.
Wayne Bridge
Who is he?
Former England left back who spent the 2012-13 season on loan at The Amex during which he was absolutely outstanding and a real joy to watch, particularly when trapping Wilfried Zaha in his back pocket.
Pros: Frankie. Frankie. Frankie.
Cons: There are literally none if Frankie comes to games.
Ian Chapman
Who is he? Another club legend, the home town boy who came good to put in ten years of hard service before being released at the end of the the season in which he was voted Player of the Season.
Pros: Return would mean he definitely gets that deserved testimonial.
Cons: Would be hard to lure from Burgess Hill where he is doing great things.
Emeka Ifejiagwa
Who is he? Nigerian defender who rocked up in 1998 from Charlton, scoring once in two appearances and looking like an absolute beast. It was of course too good to be true as a problem with his passport saw him deported shortly after.
Pros: Can have the long and successful Brighton career he was cruelly denied.
Cons: Immigration is a current hot topic so he'll probably be deported again.