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What could Brighton and Hove Albion buy for the price of Neymar?

Football has officially gone mad. Paris Saint-Germain are all set to not just break, but completely obliterate the world transfer record by paying 198m to Barcelona to sign Brazilian forward Neymar.

The fee isn't the only mind boggling thing - Neymar will earn over a million pounds every fortnight. And that is his wage without tax.

You've probably all seen the comparisons. That, God forbid, you could get thousands of Theresa May's for the same price or that you could buy five Jordan Pickfords.

Well we've crunched the figures and come up with this little list of what Brighton and Hove Albion could buy for one Neymar...

Maty Ryan x 38
Brighton and Hove Albion's record signing currently stands at 5.2m, paid earlier in the summer to Valencia for the transfer of Australian number one goalkeeper Maty Ryan (you would of course hope that we will break that again before the season starts). For 198m, we could've signed 38 Ryan's from Barcelona's fellow Spanish side. While this may some ludicrous on the surface, given that it is Manchester City at home up first for the Albion and their treasure trove of forwards, if we were legally able to play 38 goalkeepers in a game it would actually be a very shrewd move.
Gary Hart x 198,000 (plus some kit)
At the other end of the scale from the Maty Ryan transfer fee comes Gary Hart. Largely considered to be the biggest bargain in the Albion's history, he was signed by Brian Horton for the grand total of 1,000 plus a set of kit from Stansted in the summer of 1998. He went onto play 373 times in 13 years with the Albion as a striker, right winger, right back and left back. He was picked by 10 different managers across three divisions and netted 45 times to become one of the most popualr players in the clubs history. 198m (plus some kit) would secure you 198,000 Gary Hart's.
Amex Stadium x 2
When the Amex Stadium opened in 2011, it was said to have cost Brighton chairman Tony Bloom 98m. Since then it has obviously been expanded with another 7,000 added to the capacity, not to mention the works undertaken this summer to make it 'Premier League Ready'. But working off that rough initial figure, for one Neymar you could effectively build two Amex Stadiums. He may be a good footballer, will he transform PSG and give their supporters as much joy as our much vaunted stadium has? Of course he bloody won't.
Category A match ticket x 330,000
Plenty has been made of the Albion's decision to start charging 60 for a single match day ticket against Category A opposition in the Premier League. It has priced out families and those on low income from supporting their team in the biggest games against the biggest clubs. If you have the sort of money that Neymar has cost however, you could watch Brighton play 330,000 Category A games. To some this would probably sound like heaven but when you factor in that for every five years we are good, there is normally another five of utter tripe it sounds like a terrible way to spend your money.
Entry to Seven Stars Bar x 1,650,000
This is one that will probably give Paul Barber an erection. Profit Paul infamously decided last summer to start charging supporters for the pleasure of using the Seven Stars Supporters Bar located in the East Stand of the Amex. You could either pay 250 for a season ticket to get into it for every league game in a season, or fork out 12 on the door. For the money Neymar costs, you would be able to enjoy glamour such as a pool table, a fussball table, pints served in glasses and a complimentary programme a grand total of 1,650,000 times.
Amex Stadium pie x 4,125,000
Who ate all the pies? Quite conceivably, it could be you. For 198,000,000, you would be able to eat a quite staggering 4,125,000 pies based on their 2016-17 season costing, which would leave you looking very, very fat. That is of course presuming you are able to get one as sometimes it seems beyond the club to supply enough for 30,000 people. You would also hope that with that sort of investment floating around in pastry based items, the little blue boxes the club made such a song and dance about in the first season would also return.